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The first days when the dose of Tramadol was lower than my body was used to were terrible. I could not concentrate and I had a hard time doing anything. The only thought that kept me going was that I am doing this for my baby and that there is nothing more important than giving birth to a healthy newborn. I could not sleep and on top of that I was dealing with usual pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness and vomiting. When I thought that things could not go worse, the doctor told me I stood a chance of losing the pregnancy if I did not reduce the level of stress perceived by the body. He talked about spontaneous abortion, scaring the hell out of me and recommended that I spend a period of time in bed, relaxed and without too much agitation. And yes, he lowered the dose of Tramadol even lower, making it very difficult for me to support the pain.

Tramadol was invented in Germany in the 1970's and approved by the FDA in 1998. It is considered less addictive than its narcotic counterparts such as Codeine or Hydrocodone but can still be very addictive if not used correctly. It is a very effective pain reliever but also has antidepressant qualities because of its selected serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) properties. Tramadol is most often prescribed to treat pain associated with neuralgia but also has several off label uses such as restless legs syndrome, migraines, withdrawal of other more addictive medications, fibromyalgia, and obsessive compulsive disorder.